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Property transfer conveyancers

Property Transfers

We are specialist residential property conveyancers able to assist you in all aspects of the transfer of ownership in immovable property, including full title, sectional title and share block properties, particularly:

  • Drafting of Sale Agreements
  • Registration of property transfers
  • Estate transfers
  • Divorce transfers
Mortgage bond lawyers

Mortgage Bonds

We are high-volume bond attorneys appointed to the panels of the following banks:

  • ABSA
  • First National Bank
  • Standard Bank


In addition to the bond registration, we also attend to a large variety of miscellaneous matters such as:

  • Substitution of debtors
  • Reduction in cover
  • Miscellaneous consents
  • Registration of private bonds
  • Cancellation of private bonds
Morgage bond cancellations lawyers

Mortgage Bond Cancellations

As panel attorneys, we also attend to the cancellation of mortgage bonds for the following banks:

  • First National Bank
  • Standard Bank
  • ABSA

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