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Gifford and Co. is a boutique law firm specialising in conveyancing matters and related property law advice. The Firm’s vision is to provide a personal and professional conveyancing service committed to time-driven results in a trustworthy environment.

Based in the Hillcrest area of Durban, the Firm operates primarily via a virtual platform run by Thomas Gifford, a practising attorney and conveyancer, and his extremely experienced off-centre support team. All of this has been achieved through the adoption of leading legal software and virtual, cloud-based technology. This approach permits our travel-to-client consulting policy if they are in the greater Durban metropolitan area. Despite our desire to provide a wholly virtual service there is invariably going to be some human contact between us in order to discharge certain legal obligations such as the commissioning of affidavits and compliance with our Financial Intelligence Centre obligations. Clients outside of this area can be accommodated by approaching local colleagues to carry out face-to-face consultations. Every matter is personally overseen by Thomas Gifford and nothing is left to run its course without being professionally supervised by him.

We are specialist residential and commercial property conveyancers able to assist you in all aspects of the transfer of ownership in immovable property, including full title, sectional title and share block properties. 

Our Primary Areas of Service Include

Drafting of Sale Agreements

Estate transfers

Registration of property transfers

Divorce transfers

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